’’I contacted the Harmonic Body clinic after a diagnosis of intestinal block from my GP. I was in a lot of discomfort after taking psyllium husks in high dosage (around 40gm per day for three weeks) which had caused my system to initially slow down, then completely stop working. I hadn’t been to the toilet for around 9 days when I went to my GP to seek medical advice. My waist size had increased by around 6 inches in two weeks and I had gained nearly a stone in weight….the opposite to what I was aiming for! I had been suffering constant headaches for around two weeks as well as severe irritability and mood swings. I was unable to sleep and becoming more and more depressed by the day.

Anyway, Rob at the Harmonic body Clinic carried out an in depth consultation, finding out my dietery habits and digestive system routine. He recommended a course of colonic hydrotherapy to aid cleansing my system from the inside out. At this point I was willing to try anything. The GP had simply advised to eat some fruit and they would refer me for a tummy scan which could be up to 4 weeks wait.

I have now completed the course of 5 colonics. After the second colonic my headaches cleared, my stomach was flat and I had resumed my normal weight. I am now going to the toilet twice a day and have not had any headaches, irritability or mood swings since the course was completed. Having taken laxatives daily as a diet aid for over 6 years this has completely changed my life. I was always chasing the latest ‘fad diet’ (hence why I started taking psyllium husks back in July) but I am now able to maintain my healthy weight, I have clearer skin, my hair is growing incredibly quickly and I sleep through the night with bundles of energy every day. I no longer take nor need laxatives and will never try any more ‘quick weight loss’ promises.

Now my body is ‘normal’ again I can eat pretty much what I want, my body is using exactly what it needs from my food and getting rid of what it doesn’t need. I would highly recommend a course of hydrotherapy or colon massage to ANYONE who has problems with digestion or related health problems (I had headaches, stress, moodiness, backache, acne, lethargy….pretty much everything but I had no idea it was linked to my diet!!)

I will be revisiting the clinic in around 12 months time for a short course of 1 or 2 colonics, and possibly in the next few months for a deep colon massage….just to keep my new cleansed system maintained. The service is incredibly professional and at no point is the treatment uncomfortable. Also the Yoga Ananda Centre is very welcoming and the people are very nice.

Thanks to Rob for all his help so far.’’

 Lucia, Reigate

„I was very constipated, bloated and suffer from trapped wind I was very depressed and had very low self-esteem. I would go to the toilet twice a week and it required so much effort that I would have anal bleeding the shape was like marbles and it would come out in tiny amount like three to four pieces and the smell was really bad. I was an emotional eater I would eat when I was sad, depressed or having a bad day and I would eat anything unhealthy and fatty for example fast food, ready meals, crisps, chocolate, sweets, cakes, pizza, dougnuts, biscuits and in great quantities and it was just a vicious circle. I knew it wasn’t healthy but I wasn’t thinking about my health as long as I wasn’t suffering from diabetes as the rest of my family I thought I was healthy. I have tried every diet possible and at some point I was on some tablets prescribed by my GP to help me loose weight nothing worked so at the end my GP refered me for gastric band surgery but it was rejected. My personal trainer recommended Colon Hydrotherapy. Before the first treatment I was extremely nervous but I didn’t need to as it wasn’t painful or bad afterwards I felt great straight away, I felt lighter and I was looking forward to my next treatment. After the treatment I felt really good and in between the following treatment my energy level really improved, I was much more positive. I wasn’t bloated and my tummy wasn’t feeling like ten times it normal size, I was going to the toilet more often and it was easy and effortless. I was much more happier and my fitness level kept improving too. The treatments made me realized how bad my diet was and what I was putting my body through no wonder it couldn’t cope it definitely change my way of eating I treat my body with more respect. Now I feel fantastic my skin is better, I have lost lots of weight. I feel much healthier and happier. My greatest goal/achievement is going to the loo every day and I had a dry skin condition that I would get every winter on my legs, I haven’t had it at all this year after the treatments. My advice for other who are suffering with digestive disorders are go for it, it’s not as bad as you think and it’s nothing scary. After suffering all my life and been to my GP several times about anal bleeding I never thought I would get better. Thanks to the therapy no more pain and I am still shocked that I now go to the loo everyday. I would recommend Robert to all my friends he is just brilliant.’’

Joannie F.

’’Before I started with the first therapy I felt BLOATED and somehow TOXIC. Emotionally I was DEPRESSED and STRESSED – fed up really. I went to the toilet 3-4 times on weekly base. Sometimes it was easy to get rid of feaces, sometimes I needed lot of effort to produce something. The shape of my releases were thin and relatively small amount – time to time very smelly. I was consuming different type of food – was not really an issue what im having.

Generally feeling lethargic and out of energy made me think about my health. Before the only effort what I tried to do for change is OTC drugs for bloating / indigestion. Accidently I saw a brochure in he Yoga center and I decided I am going to try it.

After the first treatment I FELT BETTER STRAIGHT AWAY, LIGHTER, THINNER – not uncomfortable, but a little strange-. Between the treatments – I had three – I realised that I am feeling much better.  LIGHTER and BRIGHTER and I got better and better.

The treatment really changed my diet. Now I am more controlled about what I eat, drink more water and fasting 2 days per week (only milk/vegetables). I FEEL VERY GOOD NOW.

My biggest goal was cleaning my system out of toxins and the feeling that I had done something positive for myself. My advice for others, whom have been suffering with digestive disorders is that give this a try – it sounds weird but it really helps.

Couldn’t wish for a nicer therapist.’’

John H.

’’Rob is  a true professional, and put me at ease immediately on my first visit. I was anxious about me procedure but Rob talked me trough my process in a relaxed and detailed manner. Rob spends alert of time and effort explaining the symptoms and gives excellent health and well-being advice to  enable me to change my habits of old .

The procedure itself is painless and it is carried out in a dignified manner.  I feel so much better in myself and healthier since I have been visiting the Clinic and I can say it has changed my life for me better.

For anyone contenplating having a colonic for me first time I would highly recommend Rob.’’

Barbara C.

’’I have recently completed a course of colonic hydrotherapy at the Harmonic Body Clinic overseen by Robert Szabo.

The initial consultation was very comprehensive; clearly identifying all areas requiring therapy e.g. bloated tummy, reflux, indigestion, bad/dry skin, fatigue.

During the course of these sessions the symptoms mentioned above reduced considerably. By the end of the course of colonic hydrotherapy, I can confidently confirm that all symptoms had all but disappeared and I felt substantially better.

Robert’s overall care and attention to detail really impressed me, he was thorough with acquiring background information, and very clear to explain before, during and after each session what was happening, how this was benefiting me, and what the end result would be.

I would whole heartedly recommend Robert Szabo for colonic hydrotherapy – he is excellent!’’

Heather C.

’’I came along with my friend Julia to have our first Colonic with Robert Szabo at Harmonic Body Clinic in Reigate.

The Experience:

We both found the whole experience quiet RELAXING and RELIEF. I released mainly gas but from that I could breathe more easily with the gas removed. I felt HYDRATED for the first time in my life. I had a gentle abdominal massage and I felt the Reiki from Rob as I also am a Reiki Master/Leader. I had impacted faecal matter which Rob explained – stuck in parts of the … which will take maybe a 2nd or 3rd  Colonic Irrigation – which I have since had. I released all impacted faecal matter and toxins completely after  the 3rd COLONIC. I took Oxy-Klenz as directed by Rob and now taking PROBIOTICS. I have also completed a Liver and Gallbladder Flush at home which released gall stones. It has changed my life completely.

I will recommend Rob 100% to my family , clients and friends.’’

Helene R.

’’I first went to see Robert at the Harmonic Body Clinic in Reigate as a result of receiving a Groupon offer. I was slightly nervous on my first visit as although I had had a Colonic treatment in the past. I had never had one carried out by a man. However Robert immediately put me at ease with his professional manner and the entire session was very well done. He was very informative to talk to, very skilful in his use  of equipment and totally professional. Not only have I been back for 2 further sessions but I have recommended him to my friends.’’

J. A. Hill

’’I originally made an appointment with Robert as my digestion was sluggish and I was often constipated.  I felt very tired and run down after shingles, a chest infection and sinusitis, I lacked energy and found it impossible to lose weight.  I had 4 treatments over a six week period and was amazed that after the first appointment I stopped craving chocolate – by my fourth appointment I had lost a stone and was feeling much better.

Robert explained that stored toxins in my system had slowed down my metabolism and that was why I had been unable to lose weight, hydrotherapy releases toxins so it is important to drink plenty of water to flush these away.  When the body is properly hydrated all systems  work better – my health problems have gone and I have loads of energy.  I am continuing to drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet – this is much easier than ever before because the cravings for junk food have gone.  I would highly recommend Robert Szabo – he is more than a therapist – he is an educator as well!!!’’

Lisa T.

’’The treatment with Rob was first rate, excellent, and it is a treatment that I am planning to continue to include as part of my ‘self-help’ well-being.

The information he provided before the treatment was very informative and relevant about the colonic procedure and its holistic approach.

He made me to feel very relaxed and comfortable, especially with a procedure that can be deemed as being very evasive.

The treatment room was ideal, it had a nice ambience plus it was not too small. Sometimes other treatment rooms feel very cramped.

Rob was very informative and has an excellent knowledge of his subject matter. He was effective in answering all my questions and concerns.

The treatment itself can make you feel as little ‘washed-out’, the feeling after recovering from a bout gentle sickness. It did not feel at all evasive.

After the treatment, you feel cleaned out and refreshed, both internally and mentally. And these effects are long lasting.

I haven’t had many ‘alternative’ therapy treatments in the past but this is one I would definitely recommend.’’

Paul C.

’’I have been using Robert for a year now and I recommend him to anyone who wishes to see am improvement in their health, their wellbeing and their outlook.’’

Robin W.

’’Having experienced on a  number of occasions the value of the colonic irrigation technique practised by Rob at the Harmonic Body Clinic, I was intrigued when he told me about his more recent qualification in abdominal massage. He explained that this involved a focussed and deep massage of the abdomen in a structured and progressive manner, with the objective of simulating the effect of a colonic irrigation procedure, but with a non-invasive approach and with much lower cost of treatment.

I decided to give it a try and have since had several treatments owing to the very positive experience I had of the procedure. For me it works actually on two levels.

First, as ‘advertised’, the technique is effective at encouraging movement of material around the colon in a way that produces a ‘relaxed’ feeling in the area and stimulates a motion in the ensuing time period. (For me, this is usually within an hour or two).

Secondly, it works as a soothing massage. Having not experienced such a focussed and deep manipulation of the area before, I found it to be a progressively relaxing and ultimately sleep-inducing treatment (I have temporarily ‘dozed off’ during the procedure once or twice…) and it feels as though it is touching your consciousness on a deeper level than the physical process itself would suggest.

So, in summary – therapeutic and effective? – yes. But also sensual and ‘soul-touching’ too.

I always get a really good night’s sleep after this treatment and feel much more bodily relaxed compared  to before.

I will certainly keep going back for more and I feel that it represents a great fill-in treatment between the colonic irrigation procedures as well as simply a ‘feel-better’ experience at a value price. Recommended.’’

John H.