The Liss Oxygen siphon is a specially designed siphon able to produce super-oxygenated water adding 2,000-2,200 milligrams (mg) medical oxygen per litre of water. This product provides oxygenated water of a much higher oxygen concentration than bottled alternatives.

Oxygen and water are the major elements in the metabolic processes and the basic function of life. It can be said that the health status of people is connected with the oxygen level within their body. Nearly one third of mankind is struggling with oxygen deficiency. Generally people are more prone to disease when they are tired and depressed often as a result in low oxygen levels. If the body gets enough oxygen, the cells increase energy levels, increasing vitality, and improving morale. Having the appropriate amount of oxygen is essential for the proper functioning of cells.

Super-Oxygenated water can help you keep a more balanced pH level where your body functions more efficiently by helping to reduce the acidity level of your body.

The absorption of nutrients depends on proper digestion. Raw foods contain enzymes that are necessary for the digestion of these substances. The better absorption of nutrients, the less you eat. The stabilized oxygen helps in the digestion of food and prevents the rotting in the bowel. Helps to keep the stomach and intestines free from bacteria and fungi infections. The more appropriate oxygen helps the absorption of vitamins,minerals and amino acids so the nutrition level of the body can go rapidly.It protects the intestinal mucosa from damage and restores the normal intestinal flora.
The stabilized oxygen from the water can kill infectious bacteria and parasites. The reports from reference laboratories confirmed that the stabilized oxygen can destroy even the most unpleasant kind of bacteria such as Streptococcus, Salmonella, Cholera, E. coli, Pseudomonas and Staphylococcus, such as the protozoan Giardia (lamblia) intestinalis. Over the past few years the number of people increased who have escalated in the Candida albicans infection. The immune system is weakened of those whom were suffering from candidacies, especially if antibiotic was previously part of their treatment. The professionals have been reported a positive result  in the treatment of Candida with stabilized oxygen..

Thus, the stabilized oxygen behaves in the same way, such as antibiotics, but without their side effects.

Regularly consuming super-oxygenated water has the potential to benefit your health in several ways including:

  • improved muscle recovery following exercise
  • enhanced mental alertness
  • overall general wellbeing

By using our oxygen siphon we do not pollute the environment with empty pet bottles and even the chargers are made from 100% recyclable steel.