Benefits of receiving enemas

For our body to work in a better manner, the smoothness of the bowel movement is very important. The constant dumping of junk food and many other reasons takes a toll on your body which leads to problems with the colon. Other than quick excretion of the faeces, enemas help to ward off many diseases, which haunt our life. They are used for problems of constipation, haemorrhoids, gas, bloating, inflammation, detoxification and many others.

Although complete bowel cleansing and maintenance requires herbs, diet, massage and often packs including castor oil and poultices, enemas are a significant and useful measure, which serves an important function in any bowel programme. Some types of enema, such as coffee enemas as we have already seen, can reach the portal vein enabling the liver to release toxins.

If your clients are fasting or on a detox plan, extra toxins are released into the blood and lymph. So an enema is the most effective way to carry toxins out of the body. With the help of an anti parasite tincture it can help to eradicate parasites.

Some herbal bowel cleaners help with chronic constipation problem, improve overall effectiveness of the immune system and also help reduce the chance of contracting more serious condition or diseases of the bowels.