’’Before my first Colon Hydrotherapy I had spots on my face had a problematic skin and felt bloated. Sometimes could not digest food properly. I trusted Robert completely. Usually I went to the toilet once a day, but it always depend on what I was eating. The shape was sausage look with normal smell. I tried to eat healthy food and I have been also doing excersise on a regular basis. I went for a treatment because I was suffering from SKIN and FOOD DIGESTION problems. After the first session I felt shivery and tired but for my biggest surprise I have been going to the toilet much offen since that day.

Not long after we finished with the cleansing process I realised that my SKIN was CLEARING ITSELF and I was NOT BLOATED any longer. All this results makes me think what I m going to put into my mouth in the future. I feel great.

My greatest achivements are, that my skin is clear and I am not bloated any more.

Everybody should clear toxins out of the colon, it’s very important! Robert is such a fantastic Colon hydrotherapist and health advisor! Just brilliant!’’

Gabbriela I.