2Having experienced on a  number of occasions the value of the colonic irrigation technique practised by Rob at the Harmonic Body Clinic, I was intrigued when he told me about his more recent qualification in abdominal massage. He explained that this involved a focussed and deep massage of the abdomen in a structured and progressive manner, with the objective of simulating the effect of a colonic irrigation procedure, but with a non-invasive approach and with much lower cost of treatment.

I decided to give it a try and have since had several treatments owing to the very positive experience I had of the procedure. For me it works actually on two levels.

First, as ‘advertised’, the technique is effective at encouraging movement of material around the colon in a way that produces a ‘relaxed’ feeling in the area and stimulates a motion in the ensuing time period. (For me, this is usually within an hour or two).

Secondly, it works as a soothing massage. Having not experienced such a focussed and deep manipulation of the area before, I found it to be a progressively relaxing and ultimately sleep-inducing treatment (I have temporarily ‘dozed off’ during the procedure once or twice…) and it feels as though it is touching your consciousness on a deeper level than the physical process itself would suggest.

So, in summary – therapeutic and effective? – yes. But also sensual and ‘soul-touching’ too.

I always get a really good night’s sleep after this treatment and feel much more bodily relaxed compared  to before.

I will certainly keep going back for more and I feel that it represents a great fill-in treatment between the colonic irrigation procedures as well as simply a ‘feel-better’ experience at a value price. Recommended.”

John H.