Importance of cleasing

With colon irrigation, your sense of well being is often dramatically improved. You feel lighter and more energetic. The body can again take nourishment from food and defend itself against disease. Natural peristalsis, tone and regularity are restored and many serious diseases may be averted through this gentle, sterile, scientific technique.

Light Feeling

If you do not have a movement for each meal you eat, then you need help to get your system in shape. The quickest improvement for those having colonics is their energy level. They are not as tired as prior to colonics. Next the skin condition is improved. Other benefits are better assimilation of nutrients, less body odour and bad breath, and less belly distension.

The importance of keeping our body clean inside as well as out cannot be over emphasised. You will not be able to secure good health unless, number one, you clean out your system, and these systems can’t be cleaned out if the main drain is sluggish or plugged up. Our colon is the main drain and if you could see what has come out of people’s unhealthy colons, you would hardly believe it. In autopsies on colons, seventy percent of the bodies had encrusted faecal matter and worms and impaction in the colon.

If you think your colon is clean because of your bowel habit, let’s consider a few more facts. Out of one hundred people, there may be one or two not having matter lining the walls and pockets of the colon. Of the other ninety-eight, there are probably fifty who have some very heavy encrustments in the colon; of the other forty-eight, about half will have up to eight pounds of matter lining the colon, and the other half will have up to five pounds.

Colonics will not only tell you if you have parasites but also help to remove them. Some symptoms of parasites can include restless sleeping, fatigue, poor assimilation and absorption of nutrients, food cravings (especially for sugars and breads), as well as an inability to feel satisfied after a large meal.


Colonic will also help improve the beneficil bacteria in your bowel. Even though  some good and bad bacteria will be washed out during the session, it is much easier for the body to reproduce beneficial bacteria after a session when bad bacteria and waste have been reduced.

If you tried it once, you know why so many people love it, the benefits outweigh any concerns that you might have. It is absolutely safe and a surprisingly pleasant procedure if done by a well trained holistic practitioner.