Colonic Irrigation – how does it work?

It should be noted that most clients need a series of colonic irrigations, not just one. Patients may expel considerable gas during the first few treatments. It usually takes a few treatments before one starts dislodging old encrusted feculent matter. One should remember that it usually takes years for the colon to become clogged up with its own waste products. Therefore, one should not be impatient when pursuing a therapeutic course of colonic irrigations.

 A gentle flow of warm, purified water is instilled into the colon via a disposable rectal tube. This will induce peristaltic contractions in the colon, and the client will begin to expel fecal matter through the colonic hose which leads back to the colonic machine and through a clear plastic viewing tube. It is quite interesting to see what is expelled during a normal colonic treatment.

abdominal massage

The water softens and loosens the content of the colon aiding in easy elimination of toxins, bacteria, parasites, worms, candida, gas, undigested food material, and mucous tissue. Very old feculent material (noted by its dark black colour) passes through the tube. This old feculent material may have been lying in the patient’s colon for years. It looks like vulcanized rubber and has that kind of consistency. In addition, the clients may experience sensations of warmth due to the presence of toxins in the feculent matter.

While the client is receiving, the therapist slig htly massages various parts of the abdomen to help loosen and dislodge areas of fecal impaction. It is very important that the therapist use proper amounts of water. In addition, when less rather than more water is used, the client’s colon is forced to do more work, which is an important first step in restoring normal peristaltic activity to the diseased colon.

The treatment lasts approximately 45 minutes during which time between 25-50 litres of filtered water is introduced intermittently into the colon hydrating the bowel whilst loosening faecal plaque and impacted waste matter.

There is no mess or odour and you are comfortably lying on your back and covered throughout the session, ensuring your dignity, and privacy is maintained at all times. I use soft lighting, music and aromatherapy essential oils to help you relax and make your treatment more nurturing and enjoyable.

I use the „DOTOLO closed system”.Dotolo Colon Cleanse MachineEvery cell and tissue in the body is fed by the bloodstream which provides it with fresh blood and oxygen to function optimally. When the bowel is dirty, the blood will also be dirty so invariably the bowel needs to be cleansed before healing can take place.