Common questions


It is embarrassing?
Your discreetness is protected at all times.

Does it hurt?
No, it doesn’t hurt, it may feel a little uncomfortable, but after a short while as your muscles will release you will have relaxed and refreshed sensation.

Is it colon hydrotherapy safe?
Colonic Irrigation is as safe as drinking water– all equipment is either sterilized or disposable.

How long does colon hydrotherapy take?
The average session time is 45 minutes, but I will work with you as long as you need.

Will it make my colon lazy?
No, colon hydrotherapy helps to re-hydrate, re-tone & re-shape the muscles of your bowel.

What’s the point?
Colon hydrotherapy removes putrefying waste which will/may/probably be reabsorbed into your blood stream if it doesn’t come out. That you not aware of it, does not mean it’s not affecting you, you have become used to the symptoms of ‘normality’.

I eat really well & I have bowel movement every day. I don’t need one do I?
Do you eat 3 meals a day & release after each meal? Do you breathe polluted air, air conditioned air, experience stress, eat sub-optimally, enjoy air travel, drink anything other than water? If yes, then yes.

How do I best prepare for my colon hydrotherapy?
Drink water, fresh juices, salad & light food.

What are the contraindications of colon hydrotherapy?
Most of the people can have colonics, but there are certain situations colonic treatments are contraindicated or must only be undertaken only by a trained medical practitioner in a hospital setting. These are:

  1. Congestive Heart Failure, Severe Cardiac Disease.
  2. Severe Anaemia, Unmonitored high blood pressure.
  3. Pregnancy.
  4. Diverticulitis, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease.
  5. Severe Haemorrhoids,Ggastrointestinal Haemorrhag/Perforation.
  6. A tumor in the rectum or large intestine.
  7. Recent Colorectal Surgery, Colorectal Carcinoma, Renal Insufficiency.
  8. Recent Surgery within 3 months or Abdominal Surgery within 8 months.
  9. Severe Abdominal Pain, Active Fissures/Fistulae.
  10. Liver Cirrhosis, Abdominal Hernia.